Professional Claim Services

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Professional Claim Services

Faber Adjusting, a public insurance adjuster, provides a comprehensive suite of services to assist policyholders in the aftermath of a property damage loss. From the initial consultation through to the final settlement, the experienced team at Faber Adjusting offers the following services:

Public Insurance Adjusting: As a licensed public insurance adjuster, Faber Adjusting serves as the policyholder's advocate, helping to ensure that the policyholder receives all available benefits beginning in 2003.

Loss Consulting: The loss consulting services offered by Faber Adjusting include expert advice and guidance on navigating the claims process, including what steps to take and what to expect.

Loss Investigation: A key component of Faber Adjusting's services is its thorough loss investigation process. The team examines the property, evaluates the damage, and gathers all necessary information to support the claim.

Loss Measurement: Once the investigation is complete, Faber Adjusting will measure the loss to determine the extent of the damage and estimate the cost of repairs or replacement.

Loss Evaluation: The loss evaluation process involves a comprehensive review of the policyholder's insurance policy to determine the extent of coverage and identify any gaps or limitations.

Loss Assessment: Using the information gathered during the investigation and evaluation, Faber Adjusting will assess the loss and determine the amount of compensation the policyholder is entitled to receive.

Claim Preparation: Faber Adjusting prepares the claim documentation, including a detailed estimate of the loss, supporting photos and documentation, and any other relevant information.

Claim Negotiation: The experienced negotiating team at Faber Adjusting works tirelessly to negotiate the best possible insurance claim settlement for the policyholder.

Claims Management: Faber Adjusting provides ongoing claims management services to ensure that the policyholder's claim is processed smoothly and efficiently, and to address any issues that may arise during the process.

Claims Monitoring: To ensure that the policyholder receives the full amount of compensation they are entitled to, Faber Adjusting monitors the claims process from start to finish, working closely with the insurance company to resolve any disputes or issues that may arise.

Faber Adjusting provides a full range of services to assist policyholders in the aftermath of a property damage loss, helping to ensure that they receive the maximum compensation possible for their damages.