Mold Claims

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Mold Claims

Faber Adjusting is a dedicated insurance adjuster with a comprehensive understanding of insurance policies and how to get you the best possible settlement for your claim. They are experts in handling water damage claims, including mold damage. When water damage occurs in your home, mold is often a secondary but serious issue. Mold colonies can start growing on a damp surface within 24 to 48 hours, spreading quickly to cause additional damage and potentially harmful health effects.

Faber Adjusting is equipped to handle all aspects of your mold damage claim. With their vast experience and network of professional water mitigation experts, they can guide you through the claims process, making sure all damages are accounted for, and all policy benefits are maximized. Trust Faber Adjusting to be your advocate in the claim process and ensure a successful settlement.

Homeowners insurance and renters insurance typically provide coverage for sudden and accidental water damage to a policyholder's property. This type of coverage applies to events such as burst pipes, toilet overflows, or broken washer hoses. If mold develops as a result of the damage, the cost of remediation would typically be covered as well.

However, policies often exclude coverage for damage caused by gradual leaks, such as a slow drip from a faucet or a leaky roof. In these cases, the damage is considered to have developed over time, rather than as a sudden and accidental event.

It's also important to note that most homeowners insurance policies exclude coverage for damages caused by floods. Policyholders who live in areas that are prone to flooding should consider purchasing a separate flood insurance policy, which is available through the National Flood Insurance Program.

It is recommended for policyholders to carefully review their insurance policies and understand the specific coverage provided for water damage and mold, including any exclusions or limitations, as well as the policyholder's responsibilities in the event of a loss. Policyholders should also stay vigilant and take proactive measures to prevent water damage, such as regularly checking pipes and faucets for leaks and fixing any problems promptly.