Residential Fire Loss

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Residential Property Fire Loss Claims

Fires are one of the most devastating events that can occur, causing significant damage to a business or home. When faced with a fire loss, many policyholders make the costly mistake of immediately entering into a contract with a restoration contractor, signing away all their rights to the insurance claim indemnity benefits. This can result in the policyholder losing control of the insurance claim, and the contractor billing excessively for "mitigation services," concealing or covering-up damage during the repair process to maximizing their own profits instead of serving the policyholder's best interests.

That's why it's important for policyholders to retain the services of a public insurance adjuster at the onset of a loss. Faber Adjusting, with its founder, Milton Faber, being the first public insurance adjuster in Texas, can provide expert and professional assistance in navigating the complex world of insurance claims.

When you retain Faber Adjusting, you have an experienced and dedicated advocate working on your behalf to ensure that you receive every policy benefit you are entitled to. With extensive experience in handling fire claims, Faber Adjusting has a track record of successfully resolving millions of dollars in claims each year.

Additionally, Faber Adjusting, with its founder being a graduate engineer, has a core competency in commercial roof claims and consulting. This expertise allows Faber Adjusting to provide a detailed and accurate assessment of your insurance loss, with a focus on maximizing your financial recovery.

Faber Adjusting's goal is to provide policyholders with a detailed accounting of every penny owed to them, ensuring that they are the rightful claimant and beneficiary of all loss benefit payments. By retaining Faber Adjusting, policyholders can stop the "bleeding" of their insurance claim indemnity benefits, and protect their rights to receive the full amount they are entitled to.

When faced with a fire loss, it's important to take immediate action and retain the services of a public insurance adjuster. With its expertise, experience, and dedication to policyholder rights, Faber Adjusting provides policyholders with the peace of mind they need during a difficult time, and ensures that they receive the full amount they are owed.