Milton Faber

Graduate Engineer - Public Insurance Adjuster - Business Leader

Milton Faber - Texas State Licensed Public Insurance Adjusting

Milton E. Faber, a renowned name in the field of engineering and public insurance adjustment, has a truly impressive track record. With a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from a well-respected university, Mr. Faber's education was a combination of hard work and determination. He financed his studies with loans, part-time jobs, and even ran a successful real-estate business. But his educational pursuits didn't stop there. Milton was known to have studied more advanced mathematics and chemistry than 90% of engineers with only a Bachelor of Science in engineering.

While studying engineering, Milton was also a key player in his university's human powered vehicle build challenge and was responsible for the design and fabrication of the vehicle's low drag aerodynamically designed exterior shell. Additionally, he was a team member on OSU's electric race car team, showcasing his passion and skill in engineering. This multitalented individual also studied French, East Asian language and literature, and economics during his undergraduate education.

After completing his degree, Mr. Faber's career path took an even more impressive turn. He owned and operated two engineering firms and commercial construction companies, demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen. These companies were a testament to his expertise and success in the engineering and construction fields.

And now, as a Texas State Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster, Mr. Faber continues to make a name for himself. With years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in engineering and insurance, he provides policyholders with invaluable services. Whether it's Loss Consulting, Claims Navigation, or Claims Management, Mr. Faber has the skills and expertise to help policyholders receive the best possible insurance claim settlement.

Milton Faber is a true success story, a testament to what can be achieved through hard work and determination. With his engineering background, business experience, and insurance expertise, Mr. Faber is a valuable asset to policyholders and a name that will continue to shine in the field of public insurance adjusting.

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