Commercial Fire Losses 

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Commercial Property Fire Loss Claims

Fire incidents, along with the resulting smoke damage, can result in the complete loss of a business and can be emotionally traumatic. The aftermath of a fire can cause significant financial and personal difficulties for business owners.

To mitigate the financial impact of such events, commercial property insurance is necessary, but insurance companies often make the process of claiming compensation more difficult. If the insurance company is unresponsive or unfair, it can have a catastrophic impact on the business, as delays in repairs result in lost profits.

For those facing unfair delays, denials or disputes in their commercial fire insurance claims, Faber Adjusting - Public Insurance Adjusting for property owners - is here to help.

Insurance companies are often more concerned with their own interests than those of the policyholders who have paid premiums for protection in the event of a fire. The insurance company may try to avoid responsibility for the fire incident by blaming something not covered under the policy. They may also dispute the cost of repairs and suggest using inferior, cheaper materials.

In some cases, the insurance company may refuse to acknowledge that the commercial building is a total loss in order to avoid strong consumer protection laws and pay less than what is owed under “valued policy” laws.

However, policyholders have rights too, and insurance companies often ignore these rights through intimidation and other tactics to avoid fair and prompt payment under their contract.

Faber Adjusting, with their expertise in public insurance adjusting of commercial property claims, can help fight for the policyholder’s fair compensation. The team at Faber Adjusting will not settle for anything less than what is necessary to rebuild the business and help the policyholder financially recover.

If your business has suffered from a fire or smoke damage and your insurance company is causing further frustration by delaying, denying or disputing your claim, turn to Faber Adjusting for assistance. The loss of a business can be emotionally challenging and present great hardship, but with commercial property insurance in place, it should provide financial security. However, if the insurance company fails to act fairly, the effects on your business can be catastrophic, as time is crucial in the business world. Don't risk losing profits, let Faber Adjusting help resolve your fire claim disputes.