Commercial Hail Loss

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Commercial Property Hail Loss Claims

Hail can wreak havoc on a range of commercial structures, from office buildings and shopping centers to industrial sites, churches, and apartment buildings. The delay in settling legitimate hail damage claims by insurance companies can result in further damage to your commercial property and affect your business's reputation with clients and customers. Timely resolution is crucial for the preservation of your business.

Faber Adjusting: Where Engineering Meets Insurance Claims

Mr. Faber, the founder of Faber Adjusting, is a man of many talents. With a degree in engineering and science, he brings a unique set of skills to the insurance claims industry. His expertise in engineering and science is particularly useful when reviewing engineering technical reports and assessing applicable commercial risk coverages.

In addition to his engineering background, Mr. Faber is also well-versed in forensic science as it relates to both commercial and residential hail damage claims. This knowledge and experience enable him to accurately assess and analyze the damage to a property and provide a thorough report of his findings.

The insurance claims industry is all about trust, and Faber Adjusting is committed to upholding that trust. Mr. Faber and his team of experienced adjusters work solely for their clients, and there are no contractors in their pockets. This means that the clients of Faber Adjusting can be confident that they will receive an unbiased assessment of their claim and that their best interests are being represented.

Moreover, Faber Adjusting is not in the pockets of contractors, avoiding any potential conflicts of interest. This means that clients can be assured that their claims will be handled in a fair and transparent manner.

Faber Adjusting is a company that brings a unique and valuable skill set to the insurance claims industry. With Mr. Faber's engineering and science background, along with his knowledge of forensic science, clients can trust that their claims will be handled with expertise and accuracy.

Recovering After Hail Damaged Your Commercial Property

A property owner can experience numerous problems after submitting a commercial hail damage claim, including:

The insurance sector is tightly controlled by regulations and the law is straightforward. Insurance companies are expected to provide a reasonable explanation for any denial or delay of payment if the policy clearly covers damage caused by weather-related incidents. If your commercial roof hail damage claim has been rejected, contested, or delayed for unjustifiable reasons, Faber Adjusting, a Public Insurance Adjuster, can assist your business in securing the compensation it deserves. 

Free Consultation and Contingency Fee Basis

If your insurance company has failed to properly address your hail damage to roof claim, let Faber Adjusting help. Our team has a history of successfully advocating for policyholders against insurance companies acting in bad faith. Contact us today for a free consultation, and rest assured that our services are provided on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay nothing unless we secure a recovery for your claim.

What harm can hail inflict on my business?

Hailstorms can strike without warning and wreak havoc on a business. Despite its small size, hail can carry powerful kinetic energy that can cause significant property damage.

Top ten types of hail damage a commercial business or property owner may experience:

The impact of hailstones can cause significant damage to a commercial building, leading to business interruption or even further harm, such as when a damaged roof leaves inventory exposed.